Herald of Faith MOST EXCELLENT WAY program.

Virtually every grown-up in this picture has been set free from addiction over the last 10 years through the Most Excellent Way program in Perm, Russia! The Russian government says the program is the most effective in the entire nation.

Right now we must refit the main center so that it meets the new Russian fire code. We need $7500.00 dollars by November 1, 2010, and we appeal to you for help.

Our Part

The Herald of Faith has taught rehab and church leaders in Russia's Ural region for 8 years. All of the leaders in the Perm region have been in our classes, and we normally have two teaching weeks each year. In addition, we have helped to buy property and a vehicle. This has been done because our friends stand with us. Steve Fitzpatrick and Winston Mattsson-Boze have spearheaded the teaching. Others have gone along to teach as well.

Your Part

Your giving is crucial. Many smaller gifts and a few large gifts have made it possible to help substantially in the past. But there is much more to do. Our long term goal is to raise a large building as a training center for rehab workers from all over Russia. We have several other new challenging opportunities that stretch our faith.

Rehab Center in Perm, Russia

It's really not "Rehab". It's Discipleship.
The success rate is high because we are bringing people to Christ. The teaching is centered on the Beatitudes, and there is constant Bible study, in addition to work and rehabilitation type activities. Valeriy reports that if they stay in church, they stay clear of their addictions. Over 50% of the people who go through the program stay in church! This means that they have established several new flourishing churches. I was in one of them (Krasnokamsk, which we helped to start) that now has 200 people after only 5 years! It is the Power of the Gospel, presented with love and respect, that brings about change!

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The Herald of Faith was started in 1958, and has been training national Christian workers ever since. Our first projects were in East Africa and Argentina. Now we have added Russia, Pakistan, India, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In the past we worked in Spain and Romania as well. We have helped several missions get started, including the Romanian Mission of Chicago, Answer in Jesus, and Full Stature Ministries.

Our ministry team is expanding, and now includes Rod Westbrook, Milton McElvain, Joel Mattsson-Boze, and Cynthia Alcantara. Our overseas team includes Charles Okongo (Uganda), Vijay Komanapalli (India), Naseem Albert (Pakistan), Oscar Resales (Honduras), Horacio Mosdien (Argentina), and Demsy Gonzalez (Nicaragua). We try to keep a low profile, but God has opened many doors for our teaching ministry.

If you have any questions regarding this mission, please contact us.
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